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Neon Sign Repair
And How to Videos


Neon Signs can be repaired

Don't leave your neon signs in the dark,get them repaired.We repair all types of NEON SIGNS.- Window neon signs, Beer Neon Signs ,Window Border Neon .

For a quote on a Neon Sign Repair Please E-mail or call
Contact Info
Information needed about your sign for an exact quote
2 photos of your sign,one of the complete sign,one of the broken section
Your location to calculate shipping cost .
You can e-mail the photos or send them via cell phone to the phone number above
If you are local, bring the complete sign in for repair.
If you are not local please ship the broken section to us for repair or to make a new replacement.Please watch the videos on how to take a neon section out of a neon sign Click Here For Video

E-mail at for more information and price

This videos will help you find out what's wrong with your neon sign.To give you an accurate price for a repair i would need you to send me a Photo of the complete sign and a closeup of the broken section to this e-mail or if you prefer send me a photo with your phone to (951) 306-6628. i will get back to you with the price the same day.

How to replace a broken neon section from a window border neon

As you can see in the video the neon section is just wired at the ends of the neon and you just have to disconnect those wires and you also have to take the broken pieces from the stands. Once you do that the installation of the new section is very easy.

Some installations have glass supports with wires some have plastic supports that clip on , on the plastic ones you still have to put some wire to fastened the neon to the support because they will come loose with time.


How to check a malfunctioning Neon Signs

A very practical way of checking what's wrong with your sign,you will know if it's the transformer or if it's the neon .Once you know what's wrong with your sign go to the next video that will show you either how to take the bad section out or how to replace the transformer.
In 95% of the cases it's a broken section ,so the first thing to do is inspect very carefuly your neon sign ,most people do not know that there is a crack or break in a section.


The Difference Between An Old Type of Transformer And a new Type

The new type of neon transformer behaves diferently than an old type of neon tranformer .The new ones have a safety electronic switch inside the transformer that when it senses that there is an interruption of the electricity for whatever reason could be a broken section,could be a burned out section or an electrical short because a bare wire is grounded. So when you pull the chain to turn it on it senses a problem and then it shuts off. Sometimes it resets itself in a minute and then you pull the chain again and the same story again.
The old type of transformers do not have this safety device and do not turn off no mater what unless you pull the chain or unplug it from the outlet.


How To replace A Neon Sign Transformer

If you find that your transformer is not working this video will show you how easy is to replace a neon transformer ,if you need a new transformer We Have The Replacement transformer

Click here to go to the page
where you can buy a new
neon sign transformer

How To Take Out A Broken Neon Section From A Neon Sign

When you find out that you have a bad section or broken section this video will show you how to take that bad neon section out of the neon sign and then you will need to watch the video on how to wrap it so you can send it to us to be repaired.

How Neon Signs Are Wired

In this video you will see why when one neon section is broken the whole sign will not light up.

How to Ship Your neon
for repair

In this video you will see the way i recomend that you prepare your neon section for shipping.This is the best way i have found to ship a neon section to prevent from it breaking in shipping.

Any questions please e-mail them to;


Wholesale prices on repairs for sign maintenance companies.

sign maintenance companys
(951) 306-6628